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IPL PHOTOFACIALThe Power Behind a IPL Photofacial

The older we get, the more damage your skin tends to take. Sun spots, sun damage, irregular skin pigmentation, and even wrinkles can all occur either because of the sun or just the aging process. For many women, finding a way to retain their youthful and glowing appearance has been difficult. There are many treatments out there that promise to improve their skin, but they also tend to involve surgery that can be expensive and have a long recovery time. That's why you should consider an IPL photofacial in Oxford at A New You Aesthetic Spa.

Intense Pulse Light

A photofacial at A New You Aesthetic Spa in Oxford involves the use of a technology known as intense pulsed light. This device keys into certain colors within the structures of your face or target area. By using a specific spectrum of light, the device can destroy those structures and allow the body to naturally heal. In this healing, new collagen and elastin are produced. This can correct skin pigmentation, smooth out wrinkles and scars, and remove those pesky blemishes caused by the sun. The IPL photofacial treatment is a powerful tool with little disadvantages.

In fact, there are many benefits of having a photofacial performed. For one, there is little recovery time for this quick and easy treatment being performed. It's non-invasive and practically no downtime. So, you can squeeze the treatment in during your lunch break, and then return to work right after. Intense pulsed light has been studied by many researchers and been found to be a powerful method for skin correction. To enjoy your glowing skin once more, give us a call today.

Before and After