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If you are looking to reverse the signs of aging, skin tightening may be the non-invasive procedure for you. Whether you suffer from large pores, sun damage and wrinkles, or acne scars, our skin tightening treatment at A New You Aesthetic Spa can help.

As more and more interest is shown in fighting against aging and the other unpleasant conditions of the skin, technology has advanced. This has allowed for innovation and new laser skin resurfacing treatments to be created.


At A New You Aesthetic Spa, we offer a radio frequency treatment as a means to knock out wrinkles, close large pores, reduce scars, and help you get rid of those stubborn sun spots. This energy can heat up the skin and tissue which stimulates collagen and elastin production. More than that, it can even cause fat tissues in the treatment area to die. Without those fat cells, fat cannot accumulate, so it can leave your face looking thinner than when you first arrived. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of radio frequency is that it's non-invasive. This means there's little downtime, a short treatment period, and there's fast recovery time. If you want to defy aging, give us a call to schedule an appointment

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